Tankers Attacked Again in Gulf of Oman, Raising Fears of Wider Conflict

"Two oil tankers came under attack on Thursday in the Gulf of Oman, forcing their crews to abandon ship and setting at least one vessel ablaze, a month after four tankers were damaged in the same waterway, a vital thoroughfare for much of the world’s oil products."

Source: NY Times, 06/13/2019

"National Parks: Military Vets' New Mission: Attack Maintenance Backlog"

"In 1995, Mike Najarian became dissatisfied with the lack of maintenance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. That's when he hit upon an idea: He called the National Park Service to ask whether he and his friends could help organize a group that would clean the wall each week."

Source: Greenwire, 05/27/2019

"Warren Unveils Bill To Protect U.S. Military From Climate Change"

"Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Wednesday she is introducing a bill to toughen the U.S. military against future climate change damage and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions at certain bases in a little over 10 years."

Source: Reuters, 05/16/2019

EPA Proposes Weaker Standards on Chemicals Contaminating Drinking Water

"After pressure from the Defense Department, the Environmental Protection Agency significantly weakened a proposed standard for cleaning up groundwater pollution caused by toxic chemicals that contaminate drinking water consumed by millions of Americans and that have been commonly used at military bases."

Source: NY Times, 04/26/2019

NRC Were Unaware Of Transfer Of Sensitive Technical Information To Saudi

"When the Trump administration on seven occasions authorized companies to share sensitive nuclear energy information with Saudi Arabia, it was supposed to consult with several agencies, including the independent Nuclear Regulatory Commission."

Source: Washington Post, 04/03/2019

“Bombs Away: Militarization, Conservation, and Ecological Restoration”

Does the military use ecological restoration as a means to “green” over the complex relationship between nature and culture, undermining the impacts of history and warfare? Our latest BookShelf review of the new volume, “Bombs Away: Militarization, Conservation, and Ecological Restoration,” explores one author’s argument that it does.

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SEJ Joins Lawsuits; Press Freedom Tracker Gets Update; Docs on ANWR Drilling Concealed, and More

The Society of Environmental Journalists is backing right-to-know lawsuits brought by journalism groups, and a collaborative press freedom tracker gets new funding. Meanwhile, at the Interior Department, one watchdog group angles for environmental impact statements on ANWR drilling, while others track possible conflicts of interest by the acting secretary. That and more in the latest WatchDog roundup.

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