"EPA Proposes Stricter Standards for Soot Pollution"

"Risking an election-year backlash from Republicans, the Obama administration is proposing new air quality standards to lower the amount of soot that can be released into the air.

The move, to be announced Friday, is likely to win support from environmental groups and public health advocates but exposes the president to potential criticism from congressional Republicans and industry officials that the rules are overly strict and could hurt economic growth and cause job losses in political swing states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Source: AP, 06/15/2012

"Epic Cleanup Begins at Gary’s Toxic Lagoon"

"GARY — The secluded west side neighborhood once filled with chickens and horses has been replaced by giant yellow excavators and crews in hard hats. No remnants of the Hispanic enclave nicknamed Cowboy Town remain now as the cleanup of the toxic Ralston Street lagoon shifts into high gear after decades of delay."

Source: Gary Post-Tribune, 06/11/2012

Tennessee: "Brownsville Factory Accused of Toxic History"

"BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. -- On a Saturday morning 18 months ago, Husley Hunt looked up from his pond to witness a sight that was particularly troubling to someone who's health-conscious, grows organic vegetables and ardently hopes to live to be 100. Workers were cleaning up chemical pollution from his property."

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal, 06/11/2012

NJ: EPA Fears Toxic Spread From Tainted Pool Under Garfield Plant

"Federal officials believe they have identified a highly concentrated pocket of cancer-causing chromium underneath an abandoned factory in Garfield [NJ] that may be the root cause of the large-scale contamination potentially threatening the health of thousands of residents."

Source: Bergen Record, 06/11/2012

"North Dakota’s Oil Boom Brings Damage Along With Prosperity"

"Oil drilling has sparked a frenzied prosperity in Jeff Keller's formerly quiet corner of western North Dakota in recent years, bringing an infusion of jobs and reviving moribund local businesses. But Keller, a natural resource manager for the Army Corps of Engineers, has seen a more ominous effect of the boom, too: Oil companies are spilling and dumping drilling waste onto the region's land and into its waterways with increasing regularity."

Source: ProPublica, 06/08/2012


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