In Trump Era, Author Ponders What TR Would Do

The environmental legacy of past presidents tells us much about the current White House, whose occupant author Douglas Brinkley calls "a used car salesman of the worst kind." In this "Between the Lines" Q&A, the historian talks about what we can learn from TR and FDR, the future of the environmental movement and the role of journalists.

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How Much Has ‘Climate Change’ Been Scrubbed From Federal Websites? A Lot

"Nearly a year into the Trump administration, mentions of climate change have been systematically removed, altered or played down on websites across the federal government, according to a report made public Wednesday."

Source: NY Times, 01/10/2018

What Position Does Trump Administration Take On Climate? All Of Them.

"There was never really much doubt that Donald Trump doubted the science of climate change. He had tweeted to that effect repeatedly before becoming president. He told this publication he wasn’t a 'big believer' in human-caused climate change."

Source: Washington Post, 01/03/2018


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