EPA Chief Pruitt Says Agency Scientists Are Free to Discuss Their Work

"Scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency will be free to publicly discuss their work from now on, Scott Pruitt, the agency’s administrator, has assured lawmakers who criticized the E.P.A. for preventing employees from presenting findings about climate change."

Source: NY Times, 12/07/2017

Battle Builds Over Science Integrity in Environmental Policy

Purges of EPA science panels by Administrator Scott Pruitt are just one among many moves in an ongoing dispute over the integrity of the environmental sciences in government policymaking. The latest Issue Backgrounder takes a deep dive with a briefing on five likely battles ahead for the coming year.

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"Exxon Climate-Change Probe Goes To Massachusetts Top Court"

"Exxon Mobil Corp. will urge Massachusetts’ top court on Tuesday to allow it to avoid handing over records to the state’s attorney general amid a probe into whether the oil company misled investors and consumers about its knowledge of climate change."

Source: Reuters, 12/05/2017

"What EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Promised — And What He’s Done"

"For Scott Pruitt, 'back to basics' has translated to 'back off.'"

"The Environmental Protection Agency administrator came into office promising to discard his predecessor’s 'overreaching' focus on climate change and concentrate on what he called the agency’s real mission: cleaning up the air, water and land.

Source: Politico, 11/22/2017


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