Water & Oceans

April 15, 2021

Water Insecurity During the Pandemic: What it Means for People Living in Poverty

Join Water.org for a discussion on the global water crisis and health implications for the poor, including solutions to help meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6, clean water and sanitation for all, and what journalists can do to help cover this issue. 10am ET.


Republicans Mobilize For Showdown To Block Biden Infrastructure Plan

"A defining political clash took shape Sunday over Joe Biden's latest effort to reshape the US economy, with Republicans mobilizing against a massive infrastructure plan that could put the President in historic Democratic company."

Source: CNN, 04/08/2021

"California Is On The Brink Of Drought – Again. Is It Ready?"

"California is at the edge of another protracted drought, just a few years after one of the worst dry spells in state history left poor and rural communities without well water, triggered major water restrictions in cities, forced farmers to idle their fields, killed millions of trees, and fueled devastating megafires."

Source: Guardian, 04/07/2021


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