Water & Oceans

"Biden Admin Unveils Massive Conservation Plan"

"The Biden administration today [Thursday] unveiled the framework for its ambitious conservation plan, emphasizing the role of "voluntary efforts" by states, private landowners and tribal nations over an expansion of the federal estate."

Source: E&E News, 05/07/2021

"Controversial Mining Operation Ignoring Orders To Halt"

"A Tennessee gravel and sand mining operator has been ignoring a cease and desist letter for months, and opponents say its continued construction on the banks of North America’s most biodiverse river may already be harming wildlife."

Source: AP, 05/06/2021

"Breeding Sea Stars in a Lab to Rehabilitate Warming Oceans"

"In an island laboratory off the coast of Washington State, scientists are bringing back to life a gorgeously ferocious predator that suddenly perished amid a climate change-driven marine heat wave seven years ago." "Climate change helped to kill most of the world’s sunflower sea stars. Resurrecting them could revive carbon dioxide-sequestering kelp forests."

Source: Bloomberg Green, 05/04/2021

"Water Wonk With Hill, Interior Chops To Lead Army Corps"

"President Biden's pick this week to oversee the Army's vast natural resources operation would bring to the job decades of water experience at the Interior Department and on Capitol Hill.

The president tapped Michael Connor to be the Department of Defense's assistant secretary of the Army for civil works, which oversees the Army Corps of Engineers and its huge network of dams and other projects.

Source: E&E News, 05/03/2021


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