Water & Oceans

"Feds Target US Companies Caught In Lucrative Shark Fin Trade"

"A spate of recent criminal indictments highlights how U.S. companies, taking advantage of a patchwork of federal and state laws, are supplying a market for fins that activists say is as reprehensible as the now-illegal trade in elephant ivory once was."

Source: AP, 08/03/2022

"For Climate Migrants in Bangladesh, Town Offers New Life"

"MONGLA, Bangladesh — The 29-year-old Monira Khatun was devastated after her husband abandoned her suddenly. She returned to her father only to face another blow: He died soon after, leaving her to shoulder three other family members’ care. Without any work, she was worried about how she would feed them."

Source: AP, 08/01/2022

These Hurricane Flood Maps Reveal Climate Future For Miami, NYC and DC

"Rising seas and stronger winds mean the punishing waves pushed ashore by tropical storms and hurricanes will make their way farther and farther inland. That inland march would expose a larger swath of the U.S. coast to the kind of flooding unleashed during Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and put more people at risk of drowning, the leading cause of death in hurricanes."

Source: NPR, 07/28/2022


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