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"Podcast: ‘Water Always Wins,’ So Why Are We Fighting It?"

"Journalist and author Erica Gies joins us to discuss the concept of ‘slow’ solutions to water shortages presented in her new book “Water Always Wins: Thriving in an Age of Drought and Deluge,” and how communities can work with water rather than against it."

Source: Mongabay, 07/19/2022

"Endangered Salmon Will Swim In California River For First Time In 80 Years"

"California’s Chinook salmon haven’t been able to reach the McCloud River since 1942, when the construction of Shasta Dam blocked the fish from swimming upstream and sealed off their spawning areas in the cold mountain waters near Mt. Shasta. After 80 years, endangered winter-run Chinook are about to swim in the river once again."

Source: LA Times, 07/19/2022

Beach Trips Can Be Costly To The Environment. How To Reduce Your Impact

"For many people, summer is synonymous with the beach. But with hundreds of millions of Americans flocking to coastal areas each year, especially during months when the weather fluctuates between balmy and sweltering, experts say these trips can contribute to the staggering effects of human activities on beaches and oceans."

Source: Washington Post, 07/18/2022

"Officials Suggest Pipeline Company Hid Problems After Spill"

"U.S. prosecutors suspect a Wyoming company of potentially concealing problems with a pipeline that broke in 2015 and spilled more than 50,000 gallons (240,000 liters) of crude into Montana’s Yellowstone River, fouling a small city’s drinking water supply, court filings show."

Source: AP, 07/15/2022

"NOAA: Breaching Snake River Dams ‘Essential’ To Save Salmon"

"The White House today touted a new analysis from federal scientists that found breaching a series of four dams in Washington state is “paramount” to efforts to restore salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest but stopped short of endorsing the action."

Source: E&E News, 07/13/2022


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