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July 22, 2022

DEADLINE: Reporting on Water — An IJNR/Uproot Training Workshop for Journalists

The Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources and the Uproot Project invite applications by Jul 22 from journalists of color who want to learn how to cover the environment, Aug 21-23, 2022, at The Ohio State University’s island campus on Lake Erie. Learn about reporting on water from scientists and veteran environment journalists.


"US Cruise Ships Using Canada as a 'Toilet Bowl' for Polluted Waste"

"Lax Canadian regulations create ‘perverse incentive’ for US cruise ships en route to Alaska to discharge toxic mix of chemicals and wastewater off British Columbia, report says".

Source: Guardian, 07/12/2022

Reporting Ocean Stories Is Key to Blue Literacy, Planetary Health

As part of a Society of Environmental Journalists publishing project focused on covering climate solutions, we take a closer look at ocean-based solutions. In this special tipsheet, ocean scientist and science writer Juli Berwald offers a primer on the climate-related challenges and possibilities in the global ocean’s physics, chemistry and biology. Plus, check out an expanded toolbox with reporting resources and watch a recent SEJ webinar.

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Calif. Deepens Water Cuts To Cope With Drought, Hitting 1000s Of Farms

"California regulators have begun curtailing the water rights of many farms and irrigation districts along the Sacramento River, forcing growers to stop diverting water from the river and its tributaries.

The order, which took effect Thursday, puts a hold on about 5,800 water rights across the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers’ watersheds, reflecting the severity of California’s extreme drought.

Source: LA Times, 07/08/2022

"Will a Nile Canal Project Dry Up Africa’s Largest Wetland?"

"South Sudan is moving ahead with plans for a 240-mile canal to divert water from the White Nile and send it to Egypt. But critics warn the megaproject would desiccate the world’s second largest wetland, impacting its rich wildlife and the rains on which the region depends."

Source: YaleE360, 07/07/2022

"US Water Likely Contains More ‘Forever Chemicals’ Than EPA Tests Show"

"A Guardian analysis of water samples from around the United States shows that the type of water testing relied on by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is so limited in scope that it is probably missing significant levels of PFAS pollutants."

Source: Guardian, 07/07/2022


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