‘Suezmax’ Oil Tankers Could Soon Ply Poisoned Waters of Texas’ Lavaca Bay

"Fishermen and environmentalists say a plan to export crude would require dredging mercury-laced sediment in a Superfund site, imperling oyster reefs and the natural habitat."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/31/2021

Texas Storm And Outages Killed Hundreds More People Than The State Says

"The true number of people killed by the disastrous winter storm and power outages that devastated Texas in February is likely four or five times what the state has acknowledged so far. A BuzzFeed News data analysis reveals the hidden scale of a catastrophe that trapped millions of people in freezing darkness, cut off access to running water, and overwhelmed emergency services for days."

Source: BuzzFeed News, 05/31/2021

Biden EPA Wants To Give More Power Back To States To Block Pipelines

"The Environmental Protection Agency is aiming to rewrite Trump-era regulations that curtailed the ability of states and tribes to protest major energy projects that threaten rivers, lakes and streams".

Source: Washington Post, 05/28/2021

"Bipartisan Roads Bill Set for Vote as Groups Lament ‘Status Quo’"

"A bipartisan bill to fund highways, roads, and bridges set to be considered on Wednesday perpetuates the U.S. transportation system’s entrenched safety, sustainability, and inequality problems, advocacy groups say. The $303.5 billion highway bill that the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is scheduled to mark up would boost funding by 34% compared with the last long-term surface transportation law."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/26/2021

"Biden Advancing New Cyber Rules for Pipelines After Hack Attack"

"The Biden administration is moving forward with mandatory cybersecurity requirements for pipelines, according to a person briefed on the plans, following the ransomware attack earlier this month that paralyzed the biggest fuel pipeline in the nation."

Source: Bloomberg, 05/26/2021

"White House: Biden Imposes Flood Standard After Stumbling The First Time"

"When Biden issued an expansive day one executive order on climate change and public health, it included a little-noticed provision that intended to reinstate a flood-mitigation policy that President Obama had established in 2015 and President Trump revoked in 2017."

Source: E&E News, 05/25/2021

"It’s Crunch Time and Biden’s Climate Gambit Faces Steep Hurdles"

"The linchpin of President Biden’s climate plan faces a perilous path through the Congress, as scientists say nations must move now to aggressively reduce the pollution that is heating the planet and the United States is trying to reassert a leadership role in that global effort."

Source: NYTimes, 05/25/2021

Biden Holds Firm On Climate Provisions In Infrastructure Counterproposal

"President Biden is holding firm on energy and climate provisions in the White House infrastructure proposal but has expressed a willingness to cut some research and development funds, according to a memo to Senate Environment Committee ranking member Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) obtained by The Hill."

Source: The Hill, 05/24/2021


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