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Do Mainstream Media Disclose "Experts'" Links to Oil and Gas Industry?

Too often stories fail to disclose such industry ties, which might call into question the experts' objectivity. The Checks and Balances Project, an energy watchdog group, did an analysis of coverage in 60 publications over a five-year period with very interesting results.

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White House Stalls Critical EPA Report on Chemical Dangers To Children

"A landmark Environmental Protection Agency report concluding that children exposed to toxic substances can develop learning disabilities, asthma and other health problems has been sidetracked indefinitely amid fierce opposition from the chemical industry."

From Best-Selling Novelist, Something Rare: Plot About Climate Change

"Barbara Kingsolver's novel, 'Flight Behavior,' opens with a scenario that could have been ripped from a Harlequin Romance: Dellarobia Turnbow, a restless young housewife in rural Feathertown, Tenn., is walking into the woods to meet a man who is not her husband. Things take a turn, as they always do in fiction. But this turn is not the usual one."

Source: Daily Climate, 12/21/2012

Special Year-End Member Spotlight: Interview with David Biello

Award-winning associate editor David Biello has been reporting on the environment and energy since 1999. He is the host of the 60-Second Earth podcast, a contributor to the Instant Egghead video series, author of a children's book on bullet trains, and hosts the PBS documentary series Beyond the Light Switch. Read Biello's comments on the state of environmental journalism and the value of SEJ to its member-journalists. 


SEJ President Hopey's Letter to Texas Observer Editor and Publisher, and Editor's Response

December 18, 2012

Dave Mann, Editor
Piper Stege Nelson, Publisher
The Texas Observer
307 W 7th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Mr. Mann and Ms. Nelson:

As president of the Society of Environmental Journalists, I must take strong exception to the wholly inaccurate portrayal of our October conference in the December 11, 2012, article written by Melissa del Bosque and headlined "Notorious polluters sponsor a conference for environmental journalists."

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