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Congress Inches Toward Enacting DATA Act

Some hope for more open government at the federal level emerged November 18, 2013, when the House passed a bill known as the Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) Act aimed at improving public data about federal spending. The hope was bolstered by the fact that the bill passed the House by a bipartisan 388-1 recorded vote.

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Court Orders DOE To Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal

"WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Energy Department must stop collecting fees of about $750 million a year that are paid by consumers and intended to fund a program for the disposal of nuclear waste. The reason, the court said, is that there is no such program."

Source: NY Times, 11/20/2013
February 27, 2014 to March 2, 2014

Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Primarily an environmental law conference, this annual event is also a great place for journalists to pick up stories, discuss the nuts and bolts of what makes something a story, and focus on other topics related to environmental journalism. The event will be followed by a local SEJ-led Meet-up.



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