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July 15, 2013

Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat, and Flood Hazards in the Rock River Basin Webinar Series: Wetland Restoration in the Rock River Basin

This Environmental Law Institute webinar series is designed to identify opportunities for emergency, floodplain, and wetland management agencies to work together to maximize the flood control and ecosystem service benefits of our wetlands, thereby saving financial and environmental resources and building community resilience to climate change.

July 18, 2013

The Local Environment at the Department of Defense

As stewards of natural resources, the DoD is faced with structural and environmental management tasks of monumental proportions. Join our panel of experts at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC (or via teleconference) to learn more about the specific challenges the DoD faces and how they are addressing them through initiatives, policy, and action. The panel will also discuss President Obama's recently announced climate change initiatives. RSVP by July 12th.


What the Public Doesn't Know About Treaties Won't Hurt the Corporations

If you are looking for yet another category of environmental information that the U.S. public is not allowed to know about, try international trade agreements. A recent court decision — one that got little attention from the news media — upheld the federal government's authority to keep secret some information about the health and environmental impacts of trade treaties.

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Exxon Seeks To Keep Pegasus Inspections Secret As KXL Twists in Wind

Exxon claims trade secrecy in its bid to hide inspection results for the pipeline that leaked 5,000 barrels of Canadian oil sands crude in Arkansas last spring, spurring debate over transparency and spill readiness. EnergyWire's Elana Schor has the story, raising questions that have still to be answered.

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Takings Decision Confounds Experts, Spurs Charges of Judicial Activism

"[Tuesday's] Supreme Court decision significantly expanding the rights of property owners to challenge the terms of land-use permits has puzzled environmental law experts and has liberal groups accusing the conservative justices of judicial activism."

Source: Greenwire, 06/27/2013

Oil Leak Probed By EPA Amid Doubts Over Ohio Chemical Reporting Law

"COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Federal environmental regulators are investigating a January chemical emergency at an Ohio oil well and asking why an inventory of the facility's chemicals wasn't available to local authorities, according to a letter released Wednesday by a coalition of activists."

Source: AP, 06/27/2013


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