Growing Montana Bear Population Spotlights Need for Wildlife Corridors

"One morning in late June, after a crisp mountain air had settled into Kootenai River valley, Megan Leach heard her chickens clucking nervously. She ventured outside to see the cause for the commotion and noticed that one of her heavy coops, on wheels but sturdy, had been moved. As dusk began to fall later that day, Leach rounded up her chickens to place them in the protection of her barn, feeling that something was watching them. It turned out to be a grizzly bear."

Source: Sierra, 10/27/2023

Navigator Cancels Proposed Midwestern CO2 Pipeline, Citing Regulatory Process

"A company on Friday said it would cancel its plans for a 1,300-mile (2,092-kilometer) pipeline across five Midwestern states that would have gathered carbon dioxide emissions from ethanol plants and buried the gas deep underground."

Source: AP, 10/23/2023

Ships Speeding Through US 'Go Slow' Zones Meant To Protect Endangered Whale

"More than 80% of ships are speeding through "go slow" zones set by environmental regulators along the U.S. East Coast to protect endangered North Atlantic Right Whales, according to a report released on Thursday by environmental group Oceana."

Source: Reuters, 10/20/2023

Giant Open-Pit Mine Near Two National Parks Dealt A Blow By Biden DOI

"A road critical to operating a proposed open-pit mine in a remote part of Alaska hit a new hurdle Friday when the Biden administration issued a finding that the road could threaten Alaska Native communities and their lifestyle more than previously estimated."

Source: Washington Post, 10/16/2023

Electric Vehicles Will Be Burning Rubber in 2024

As global sales of electric vehicles surge, the positive impact on climate change emissions could be a critical benefit. But as our Backgrounder points out, it’s not as simple as that. There are challenges with politics, tax laws, mineral access, related pollution regulations and union jobs. Get an overview of the issue, in this latest entry in our expanding 2024 Journalists’ Guide to Environment + Energy.

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"New Technology Uses Good Old-Fashioned Wind To Power Giant Cargo Vessels"

"Well over a century after the Age of Sail gave way to coal- and oil-burning ships, climate change concerns are prompting a new look at an old technology that could once again harness wind to propel commercial cargo ships — this time with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: NPR, 10/06/2023


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