"The Dawn Of The Clean Hydrogen Economy"

"Clean electricity alone won’t get us to a fossil-fuel-free society — we’ll need other tools to fully decarbonize. ​“Clean” hydrogen, for all of its hype and baggage, might be the most promising way to cut carbon from difficult sectors like aviation and steelmaking. It could also be a boondoggle or a bust — it all depends on how the gas is made and how it’s used."

Source: Canary Media, 02/06/2024

"Biden Confronts Unfinished Business With Ohio Train Wreck"

"Stalled efforts to reform the nation’s rail safety and chemical oversight as well as lingering toxic exposure concerns will loom over President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the Ohio town devastated by last year’s train wreck."

Source: E&E News, 02/06/2024

"Truck Makers Team Up to Push for Electric Vehicle Chargers"

"There are more than four million electric vehicles on American roads, but fewer than 1,000 of them are heavy-duty trucks. On Tuesday, the three largest truck makers announced a push to remedy that deficit by calling on governments and utilities to help them build many more places to charge big rigs."

Source: NYTimes, 02/02/2024

"Millions Of Americans Face Risk Of A Toxic ‘Bomb Train’"

"Less than a year ago, a disastrous train derailment sent a massive plume of dangerous chemicals billowing over East Palestine, Ohio, startling the town of nearly 5,000 residents and onlookers nationwide. Now, a new report warns that more of these catastrophes may loom: At any given moment, more than an estimated 3 million people are unknowingly at risk, as toxic trains full of a highly combustible and carcinogenic chemical used to make plastic move between Texas and New Jersey."

Source: Washington Post, 01/31/2024

"This Georgia Refinery Is Making Low-Carbon Jet Fuel From Alcohol"

"On Wednesday, LanzaJet marked the opening of its Freedom Pines Fuels facility, which uses novel technology to convert ethanol into sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF. The $200 million biorefinery is the first in the world to deploy an ​“alcohol-to-jet” process, one that the company claims can curb greenhouse gas emissions by over 70 percent compared to conventional jet fuel."

Source: Canary Media, 01/26/2024

Biden Vetoes GOP Repeal Of Waiver Of ‘Buy America’ Rule For EV Chargers

"President Biden is vetoing a Republican-led effort to remove his waiver of “Buy America” requirements for iron and steel that get incorporated into federally funded electric vehicle (EV) chargers."

Source: The Hill, 01/25/2024

Guidance Makes EV Charger Tax Credits Available Where Most Americans Live

"The Biden administration has offered a broad interpretation for where electric vehicle (EV) charger projects can qualify for new tax credits — making those credits available in places where about two-thirds of Americans live."

Source: The Hill, 01/22/2024


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