"A Profound Change Is Coming To American School Buses"

"A common smell of American childhood, the diesel fumes wafting through yellow school buses, may soon be obsolete, as school districts across the nation turn to electric buses amid falling costs and growing concerns about global warming."

Source: Washington Post, 10/27/2022

"EV ‘Micromobility’ Would Like Your Respect"

"Serious transportation, or fun toy? It’s the policy question that faces the scooter and the e-bike, the smallest forms of electric transportation. They’re surging in popularity among regular people, but the government hasn’t yet adopted them as solutions to solve heavy-duty problems like traffic jams or climate change."

Source: E&E News, 10/19/2022

Should Journalism Educators Mix It Up With Interdisciplinary Projects?

When it comes to working across boundaries in an academic setting, those who teach journalism may be naturals, tapping as they often can into their experience reporting on those from very different backgrounds and disciplines. EJ Academy’s editor, Bob Wyss, shares his experience with a successful project examining self-driving vehicles and explains why fellow journalism educators may want to give interdisciplinary teaching a try.

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"Nations Agree to Curb Emissions From Flying by 2050"

"After almost a decade of talks, the nations of the world committed Friday to drastically lower emissions of planet-warming gases from the world’s airplanes by 2050, a milestone in efforts to ease the climate effects of a fast-growing sector."

Source: NYTimes, 10/10/2022

"Biden Says the U.S. Is Eyeing ‘Alternatives’ to OPEC Oil"

"President Biden on Thursday defended his visit to Saudi Arabia this summer, in the wake of Wednesday’s decision by the Saudi-led cartel of oil-producing nations to cut production, which will likely raise gasoline prices in the United States."

Source: NYTimes, 10/07/2022


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