"Biden Administration Promises to Buy ‘Clean’ Industrial Materials"

"A new initiative aims to reduce emissions from steel, cement, aluminum and other materials used in the industrial sector, which generates about a third of the nation’s greenhouse gases."

"WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Tuesday will set out a strategy for buying “clean,” lower-emissions steel, cement, aluminum and other industrial materials for federal agencies and projects, part of its effort to reduce carbon emissions from industrial manufacturing.

Source: NYTimes, 02/16/2022

"AP Fact Check: Biden Takes Half-Steps on Electric Vehicles"

"Eager to show benefits from his policies, President Joe Biden is overstating the number of electric vehicle charging stations that would be built with his infrastructure law and claiming a speedy shift to electric in the federal fleet that isn’t so."

Source: AP, 02/16/2022

Our Roads Are Killing Wildlife. New Infrastructure Law Aims To Help.

"Just outside of Los Angeles, in one of the most human-modified parts of the planet, a rare coastal ecosystem is being pinched against the Pacific Coast. The mountain range is home to one of the highest concentrations of threatened and endangered species in the country."

Source: NPR, 02/11/2022

Biden Admin Calls For $5 Billion Network of EV Chargers Along Interstates

"The Biden administration laid out plans Thursday for a $5 billion network of electric vehicle chargers along interstate highways, aiming to boost confidence in battery-powered cars by ensuring drivers can always find somewhere to plug in."

Source: Washington Post, 02/10/2022

"Why This Could Be a Critical Year for Electric Cars"

"Sales of cars powered solely by batteries surged in the United States, Europe and China last year, while deliveries of fossil fuel vehicles were stagnant. Demand for electric cars is so strong that manufacturers are requiring buyers to put down deposits months in advance. And some models are effectively sold out for the next two years."

Source: NYTimes, 02/09/2022


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