One Grant, Multiple Stories

Seattle-based correspondent Brett Walton has a habit of adding extra days to his reporting schedules. In this FEJ StoryLog, Walton shares how he used one such buffer to stretch a grant and produce not just one story on California’s small drinking water systems, but a second on the aftermath of wildfire on another town’s water system, plus finish a third pending project on household water debt.

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Mindblowing: California Allows More Gas Storage At Aliso Canyon Leak Site

"State officials voted Thursday to let Southern California Gas Co. store far more fuel at the Aliso Canyon gas storage field, eight years after a record-breaking leak spewed more than 100,000 metric tons of planet-warming methane into the atmosphere and prompted thousands of San Fernando Valley residents to evacuate their homes for months."

Source: LA Times, 09/01/2023

"How To Get Into The Hottest Clubs In L.A. County — Community Gardens"

"They are some of the most exclusive clubs in town. Some people wait up to two years to become dues-paying members. And no, it’s not the swanky Jonathan Club or hip SoHo House — it’s your local community garden."

Source: LA Times, 08/28/2023

"These Animals Are Already Adapting to a Changing Climate"

"Climate change is one of the top five drivers of extinction, but it’s not always a zero-sum game. In general, scientists expect species will have to move upward in elevation or latitude to cope in a warming world. However, in California, many animals have been adapting to their mutating environments in ingenious ways."

Source: Sierra, 08/21/2023

Top Calif. Methane Emitter Is A Vast Cattle Feedlot. It Gets A Pass

"Forty miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in Southern California’s Imperial Valley, the Brandt Company cattle ranch is the largest single point source of methane emissions in the state, releasing more of that greenhouse gas than any oil or gas well, refinery or landfill."

Source: Inside Climate News, 08/21/2023


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