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30th Anniversary Prompts Big-Picture Look at SEJ’s Future

A Colorado homecoming for SEJ, plus a transition ahead, per the latest report from SEJ President Bobby Magill. His quarterly update also looks at preparations for a major strategic planning initiative, challenges and changes for the upcoming board elections. More on what’s in store for SEJ as it turns 30.

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October 4, 2019

Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

Now in its fourth year, this event helps educate attendees on the latest tools, techniques and technologies for efficient and safe cannabis production, and provides opportunities for networking and developing collaborations to further sustainability initiatives. Photo: Dr. Rachel Knox, American Cannabinoid Clinic.

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"Nevada Becoming Wild West for Oil Speculation"

"Oil drilling in Nevada is a risky bet—the geology is complicated and drillers say the odds are small that they will actually find oil in a state where there are only 120 producing wells. But since President Donald Trump took office pledging to expand oil and gas leasing on federal lands, Nevada has become the Wild West for oil speculation."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/06/2019

Critics Call Trump Bears Ears Plan ‘Salt In An Open Wound.’

"Nearly two years after dramatically shrinking the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, the Trump administration finalized a management plan Friday that would allow trees to be plowed down using heavy chains, as well as utility lines and more ranching, in the smaller area that is still preserved."

Source: Washington Post, 07/29/2019


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