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Wyoming "Data Trespass" Legal Conflict Settled by Ranchers, Enviros

A lawsuit over Wyoming's controversial "data trespass" law, which made it illegal to document pollution violations on "private open land", was settled in August without really resolving any of the important Constitutional issues behind it — and with both sides claiming victory.

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"Colorado Anti-Fracking Activists Fall Short in Ballot Efforts"

"Two anti-fracking initiatives did not get enough valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot, Colorado officials announced on Monday, giving the oil and gas industry its latest victory over communities seeking to exert local control over fracking."

Source: InsideClimate News, 08/30/2016

"Nevada Supreme Court Blocks Rooftop Solar Referendum"

"The Nevada Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision on [August 4] that blocks constituents from voting to restore favorable rates to rooftop solar customers. The decision puts increased pressure on lawmakers to implement a policy change during the next legislative session."

Source: Greentech Media, 08/11/2016


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