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"Burning Man Becomes Latest Adversary in Geothermal Feud"

"Festival organizers are trying to block plans to build a clean energy plant in the Nevada desert, highlighting the struggle to combat climate change and the cost of clean power."

"One of the darkest towns in America lies roughly 100 miles north of Reno, where the lights are few and rarely lit until one week each summer when pyrotechnics and LEDs set the sky and mountains aglow.

Source: NYTimes, 05/17/2023

Grant Prompts Improved Coverage of Indigenous Perspectives at Bears Ears

Inspired by a discussion at a Society of Environmental Journalists conference, freelancer Rico Moore (pictured, left) applied for a Fund for Environmental Journalism grant to report on Bears Ears National Monument. Then, armed with advice for better covering Indigenous communities and Native American tribes, Moore found a new way to write about the cultural and environmental richness of those lands. His experience, in the new FEJ StoryLog.

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Environmentalists Aim To Block Gold Mine Near Yellowstone — By Buying It

"For decades, conservationists have fought against gold mining at the edge of Yellowstone National Park, fearing hard-rock extraction could fragment its wildlife habitat and pollute its waterways. Now park lovers say they say have a permanent way to preserve this crown jewel of the national park system: buying gold rights at Yellowstone’s doorstep."

Source: Washington Post, 05/12/2023

Environmental Journalists, Idling in Idaho

With the Society of Environmental Journalists’ 32nd annual conference in Boise now behind us, humorist David Helvarg offers a sharp-witted, albeit affectionate, skewering of the five-day gathering, everything from the host state’s politics to the innumerable sessions and the final blowout party. Prepare for punnage. Plus, check out the evolving multimedia coverage of the event, and watch for session audio recordings to come.

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Coverage: SEJ's 32nd Annual Conference

SEJ's 32nd annual conference took place April 19-23, 2023, hosted by Boise State University. Here you'll find multimedia coverage provided by SEJ, BSU, volunteers and conference attendees. Check out the audio recordings.

Couldn't make it to Boise? Watch the plenary recordings!

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Seasonal Fishing Stories Reflect a Changing Environment

As fishing season begins in many parts of the United States, climate change and pollution can make the sport a, well, can of worms. For the latest TipSheet, though, that means insights and stories for environmental journalists. A thumbnail on key issues, with story ideas and reporting resources. Plus, for those going to #SEJ2023 Boise, famed fishing spots.

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