Rethinking Rural Reporting — How To Get Past the Cliches

When covering rural America, mainstream media often defaults to stereotypes steeped in politics and ignores the diversity that actually exists there, as expanding news deserts exacerbate the problem. Reporter Claire Carlson on why this matters — including in discouraging investment around climate change or resource industries urban dwellers depend on. Here’s how journalists can report richer, more nuanced stories about rural people and places.

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Cooler, Hurricane-Boosting La Niña To Replace El Niño

"The strong El Nino weather condition that added a bit of extra heat to already record warm global temperatures is gone. It’s cool flip side, La Nina, is likely to breeze in just in time for peak Atlantic hurricane season, federal meteorologists said."

Source: AP, 06/14/2024

Storm-Battered Florida Braces For A Fourth Day Of Floods After Downpours

"Heavy rainfall that’s caused unrelenting flooding in South Florida since Tuesday will continue for a fourth consecutive day after turning roads into canals and forcing some residents to stand on the roofs of their cars or trudge through waist-deep waters."

Source: CNN, 06/14/2024

"Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters Are Soaring Again This Year. Here’s Why."

"May was another exceptionally busy month for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the United States, pushing weather disaster costs to their second-highest amount on record to date. Eleven separate billion-dollar weather disasters this year have together caused over $25 billion in damage and 84 deaths."

Source: Washington Post, 06/12/2024
July 19, 2024 to October 18, 2024

IJ4EU Confidential: Unveiling the Secrets of Complex Investigations

This Investigative Journalism for Europe webinar series delves into the backstories of collaborative journalistic projects in Europe and beyond. Taking place on the third Friday of every month, it continues July 19 with "Investigating Russia’s drone war in Ukraine: The making of Russia’s War, Europe’s Burden." 14:00 CEST (8:00 a.m. ET).



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