Potentially Explosive Fertilizer Could Be Found in Your Community

Ammonium nitrate, the explosive agricultural fertilizer that blew up in Lebanon this month,  killing dozens and severely damaging Beirut’s center, is stored by the thousands of tons all over the United States. But regulatory blindspots and secretive information policies mean few know exactly where. Backgrounder reviews the chemical’s oversight regime — and its gaps — and has ideas for reporting from your community.

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California, Colorado Fires May Show Climate-Driven Transformation

"The wildfires that exploded over the past few days in California and Colorado show clear influences of global warming, climate scientists say, and evidence of how a warming and drying climate is increasing the size and severity of fires from the California coast to the high Rocky Mountains."

Source: InsideClimate News, 08/24/2020

"Thousands Evacuate As Dueling Storms Take Aim at U.S. Gulf Coast"

"Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura tore through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, forcing thousands of coastal residents in Louisiana and Cuba to flee, and flooding roads in Haiti’s capital, with damage across the region expected to worsen this week."

Source: Reuters, 08/24/2020
September 1, 2020

Rapid Response Workshop: Smoke, Health & Fire

Climate Central will host this online workshop, 2:00 p.m. ET, with experts and resources to help you cover health effects of wildfire smoke, wildfires and wildfire trends now that the situation in the Western U.S. has grown more critical.

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California Wildfires Kill At Least 4 People As Evacuees Weigh Virus

"At least four people have died as a result of wildfires fueled by a heat wave and a blitz of lightning strikes in [California's] northern areas. The clusters of fires merged into orange infernos that are creeping up on residential areas, turning neighborhoods into ash and smoldering ruins."

Source: CNN, 08/21/2020

Climate Change Hits Colorado With Wildfires, Drought, Record Heat

"Climate change hit home in Colorado this week, exacerbating multiple environmental calamities: wildfires burning across 135,423 acres, stream flows shrinking to where state officials urged limits on fishing, drought wilting crops, and record temperatures baking heat-absorbing cities."

Source: Denver Post, 08/20/2020


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