"Tensions Grow Over Lack Of A Water Deal For The Shrinking Colorado River"

"Two months ago, federal officials took the unprecedented step of telling the seven states that depend on Colorado River water to prepare for emergency cuts next year to prevent reservoirs from dropping to dangerously low levels."

Source: LA Times, 08/16/2022

"Billions in Feds’ Spending on Megafire Risks Seen as Misdirected"

"Congress is spending billions to save communities from Western megafires by thinning large swaths of forests even as scientists say climate change-driven drought and heat are too extreme for it to work. The money would be better spent thinning woods closest to homes and shoring up houses against embers raining down from firestorms, according to academics, former agency officials, and others who study wildfires."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/09/2022

"Biden Surveys Flood Damage In Kentucky, Pledges More US Help"

"President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden on Monday witnessed the damage from deadly and devastating storms that have resulted in the worst flooding in Kentucky’s history, as they visited the state to meet with families and first responders."

Source: AP, 08/09/2022


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