"Part of Flooded Yellowstone Likely To Remain Closed All Summer"

"Yellowstone National Park officials say portions of the park may be closed for an “extended” period following catastrophic flooding that caused a park shutdown, the ejection of more than 10,000 visitors and widespread infrastructure damage whose repair will require both serious dollars and tough decisions."

Source: E&E News, 06/16/2022

"Aging Dams Could Soon Benefit From $7B Federal Loan Program"

"Eight years after Congress created the program, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking a first step toward offering more than $7 billion of federally backed loans to repair aging dams owned by states, local governments and private entities across the U.S."

Source: AP, 06/14/2022

"Yellowstone Floods Wipe Out Roads, Bridges, Strand Visitors"

"Massive floodwaters ravaged Yellowstone National Park and nearby communities Monday, washing out roads and bridges, cutting off electricity and forcing visitors to evacuate parts of the iconic park at the height of summer tourist season."

Source: AP, 06/14/2022

"Record-Setting Heat Wave Expands East; Over 100 Million Under Alerts"

"A massive heat wave that has set scores of temperature records from Texas to California is swelling into the eastern United States. Over 100 million Americans from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes are under heat alerts through the middle of the week as temperatures soar toward the triple digits."

Source: Washington Post, 06/14/2022


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