"Portland, Oregon, Sets High-Temperature Record And Seattle Comes Close"

"The Pacific Northwest is baking in a record-breaking heat wave, with an all-time high of 108 degrees Fahrenheit reported Saturday in Portland, Oregon. Along the West Coast, more than 20 million people are under a heat warning or advisory, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border."

Source: CNN, 06/28/2021

America’s First Filipino Settlement Is Vanishing Into The Sea

"ST. BERNARD PARISH, Louisiana — On a cold day in November 2019, two podcasters and a historian boarded a small boat on the edge of Louisiana’s Lake Borgne and drifted into the bayou. They were bound for St. Malo, the first permanent Filipino settlement in the United States. Sailors from the Philippines, known as the Manila Men, settled there in the mid-19th century, decades before the Civil War."

Source: HuffPost, 06/25/2021

"‘The Water Is Coming’: Florida Keys Faces Stark Reality As Seas Rise"

"Long famed for its spectacular fishing, sprawling coral reefs and literary residents such as Ernest Hemingway, the Florida Keys is now acknowledging a previously unthinkable reality: it faces being overwhelmed by the rising seas and not every home can be saved."

Source: Guardian, 06/25/2021

"Hungry Grasshoppers Spurred By US Drought Threaten Rangeland"

"Federal agriculture officials are launching what could become their largest grasshopper-killing campaign since the 1980s amid an outbreak of the drought-loving insects that cattle ranchers fear will strip bare public and private rangelands."

Source: AP, 06/25/2021

"Western Wildfires Force Evacuations, Shut Down Recreation"

"A wildfire in northern Arizona crept closer to the region’s largest city Tuesday, threatening to force people from their homes. The lightning-caused fire near Flagstaff was one of dozens that have scorched large swaths of the U.S. West and kept firefighters busy as they hold out hope that the monsoon season will deliver some significant rain."

Source: AP, 06/23/2021

"Western Heat Wave Threatens Health In Vulnerable Communities"

"The record-breaking temperatures this week are a weather emergency, scientists and health care experts say, with heat responsible for more deaths in the U.S. than all other natural disasters combined. With more frequent and intense heat waves likely because of climate change and the worst drought in modern history, they say communities must better protect the vulnerable, like homeless people and those who live in ethnically and racially diverse low-income neighborhoods."

Source: AP, 06/21/2021


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