Rising Flood Risks Threaten Many Water, Sewage Treatment Plants Across US

"The crack of a summer thunderstorm once comforted people in Ludlow, Vermont. But that was before a storm dropped eight inches of rain on the village of 2,200 in two days last month. And it was before the devastation of Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. Now a coming rainstorm can stir panic."

Source: AP, 08/11/2023

"White House Seeks $12B To Refill The Nearly Broke Disaster Fund"

"President Joe Biden is asking Congress to approve $12 billion in emergency spending to replenish the nearly broke federal fund that helps communities and individuals recover after major disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires."

Source: E&E News, 08/11/2023

Millions Struggle To Pay AC Bills In Heat Waves. Federal Aid Reaches Few.

"Bobbie Boyd is in a losing battle against near triple-digit temperatures in northwest Arkansas. Her window air conditioner runs nonstop and the ballooning electric bill carves about $240 out of her $882-a-month fixed income. So the 57-year-old cuts other necessities."

Source: AP, 08/10/2023

‘Metal Box Heated From The Inside’: Food Truck Workers Battle Heat

"As tortillas warm on the grill at Los Pookies – an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based food truck best known for its birria tacos – a swamp cooler blasts cool air and extractor fans try their best to suck the heat out of the metal trailer."

Source: Guardian, 08/09/2023


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