"Big Business Lobbies Against Heat Protections For Workers As US Boils"

"Big-business lobbyists, including big agricultural and construction groups, are pushing to water down or stymie efforts at the federal and state levels to implement workplace heat protection standards."

Source: Guardian, 08/01/2023

Heat Illuminates Plight Of Poorest Americans Without Air Conditioning

"As Denver neared triple-digit temperatures, Ben Gallegos sat shirtless on his porch swatting flies off his legs and spritzing himself with a misting fan to try to get through the heat. Gallegos, like many in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, doesn’t have air conditioning."

Source: AP, 07/31/2023

Western Canadian Town Evacuated As Wildfire Crosses Over From US

"An evacuation order for the Canadian town of Osoyoos and its surrounding district in the province of British Columbia had been issued late Saturday night due to an out-of-control wildfire that has crossed the border from the U.S. state of Washington."

Source: Reuters, 07/31/2023

"For This Smoky Summer, 12 New Books And Reports On Wildfires"

"As a counterpoint to the joyous “grove of tree books” Yale Climate Connections put together for Arbor Day, this month’s bookshelf presents 12 titles on the climate-charged threat to their — and our — future: wildfires."

Source: Yale Climate Connections, 07/27/2023


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