Almost 30,000 People Displaced As Alberta Continues Battling Wildfires

"A change in weather conditions has helped firefighters fight the wildfires that have forced thousands of Albertans to flee their homes this past week, officials from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and Alberta Wildfire said Sunday."

Source: CBC News, 05/08/2023

"The Latest To Be Evacuated From California's Floods? Bunnies"

"California's record-setting winter is providing a much-needed boost for wildlife, including blooming wildflowers and the fish and ducks that depend on thriving rivers and streams. Still, for other animals, the rising waters are perilous. Just ask the bunnies."

Source: NPR, 05/04/2023

Senators Hopeful They Can Keep Rail Safety Bill On Track After E Palestine

"Three months after the devastating East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment, senators are optimistic they can pass a bipartisan rail safety bill to prevent similar disasters."

Source: The Hill, 05/04/2023

"Fla. And La. Must Borrow Millions To Pay Insurance Claims"

"The Gulf Coast insurance crisis has hit a new low as two state-chartered insurance associations are being forced to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars for the first time in three decades to pay the hurricane claims of insolvent insurers."

Source: E&E News, 05/04/2023

"Environmental Groups Sue U.S. Over SpaceX Launch License For Texas"

"Conservation groups sued the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday, challenging its approval of expanded rocket launch operations by Elon Musk's SpaceX next to a national wildlife refuge in South Texas without requiring greater environmental study."

Source: Reuters, 05/02/2023

"Many California Hospitals Are Near Wildfire Danger Zones, Study Says"

"Wildfires regularly sweep through California, destroying forests and threatening homes. But a recent study shows an unexpected danger of the fires: They can shut down, or prevent access to, hospitals and other inpatient facilities."

Source: Washington Post, 05/02/2023


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