"India’s Ominous Future: Too Little Water, or Far Too Much"

"The monsoon is central to Indian life and lore. ... Climate change is now messing with the monsoon, making seasonal rains more intense and less predictable. Worse, decades of short-sighted government policies are leaving millions of Indians defenseless in the age of climate disruptions – especially the poor."

Source: NY Times, 11/27/2019

Appalachia’s Strip-Mined Mountains Face Growing Climate Risk: Flooding

"Pigeon Creek flows through a narrow mountain hollow along a string of coal mining communities, its water trickling under the reds and yellows of the changing fall foliage. The tranquil scene belies the devastation the creek delivered one night a decade ago as heavy rain fell on soggy soil and thousands of acres of nearby strip mines."

Source: InsideClimate News, 11/22/2019

Trump EPA Scales Back Safety Rules Adopted After Deadly Chemical Blast

"The Environmental Protection Agency weakened a rule Thursday governing how companies store dangerous chemicals. The standards were enacted under President Barack Obama in the wake of a 2013 explosion in West, Tex., that killed 15 people, including 12 first responders."

Source: Washington Post, 11/22/2019


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