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"Imperiled Fisheries Make A Comeback, Study Shows"

"There's no question that the world's fish are in trouble. Fishermen are pulling fish out of the seas far faster than these populations can grow back. Some fisheries are heading toward collapse or even extinction. But a major new analysis of this grim picture shows that fisheries aren't doomed. In fact, some are on the mend."

Source: NPR, 07/31/2009
August 10, 2009

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Mercury-And-Fish-Contamination Stories Dominate Recent Coverage


The Chicago Tribune's series of mercury in seafood (see page 1) was not the only fish story in the news in the past several months. Stories about the safety of seafood ran across the United States and Canada.

Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times reported on Feb. 27 that shoppers who browse the seafood counters at Holiday Quality Foods' 19 grocery stores in rural Northern California find a new Safe Harbor brand, the nation's first line of low-mercury fresh fish.

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