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Unique Award-Winner Highlights Risks to Whales From Fight Over Fish

Whales and fishers chasing the same catch can lead to serious impacts on marine mammals, including illegal shootings. To tell the story, journalist Nick Rahaim took an unusual tack — reporting while working as a deckhand on a fishing vessel. His award-winning account won praise for its balance, sourcing and insight. Rahaim talks about his approach in our Inside Story Q&A.

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Is Your Community Ready for Tornadoes? Are You?

With more than 100 tornadoes hitting the United States so far this year, the latest TipSheet takes a closer look at how journalists can help their communities better prepare for these damaging and often deadly windstorms. Plus, more than a dozen story ideas and reporting resources, from questions about warning systems and shelters to sources at weather agencies and for tornado-preparedness advice.

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Why the Press Needs To Press for Senate Action on the PRESS Act

A promising federal shield law that would protect journalists from jail for refusing to reveal sources months ago passed the House of Representatives but has since stalled in the Senate. The new WatchDog Opinion column can tell you why … and why this measure, dubbed the PRESS Act, matters so much for reporters, including those that cover climate and the environment.

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Paris Is Aiming For The Most Sustainable Olympics Yet. Plan Not Perfect

"Of all the decisions Paris Olympics organizers made about where to hold each sport, sending surfing competitions to the other side of the world — in the Pacific waters of Tahiti — provoked the strongest reactions. Tahitians and others railed against the building of a new viewing tower on Teahupo’o reef because of fears it would hurt marine life."

Source: AP, 06/07/2024

Mich., Wisc. Govs Tout Biden’s Investments In Climate Group’s $1.4M Ad Buy

"Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) will appear in ads touting the Biden administration’s green investments in ads running in their state. The $1.4 million total buy from climate group Evergreen includes an ad with each governor, highlighting the impact of the Biden administration’s investments in their state."

Source: The Hill, 06/06/2024

"UN Chief Rebukes Fossil Fuel Industry Supporters As Climate Records Break"

"U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said Wednesday that countries must confront not just the fossil-fuel industry, but also companies that support efforts to obstruct climate action. The U.N. chief, a longtime critic of oil and gas companies' role in driving climate change, called the industry out for spending billions on "distorting the truth, deceiving the public, and sowing doubt" about climate change, while investing just "a measly 2.5%" of its total capital on clean energy alternatives."

Source: Reuters, 06/06/2024


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