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"Justice Department Curtails Seizure Of Reporters’ Phone, Email Records"

"Attorney General Merrick Garland has sharply limited how and when prosecutors can secretly obtain reporters’ phone and email records, formalizing a Biden administration decree that the government would stop using secret orders and subpoenas for journalists’ data to hunt for leakers."

Source: Washington Post, 07/21/2021

"Climate Activists Pan Carbon Capture Plans"

"More than 500 environmental and community groups – from the Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club to Greenpeace USA – have called on United States and Canadian leaders to abandon efforts to capture carbon emissions from fossil fuels and work harder to curb fossil fuel use in the first place."

Source: Daily Climate, 07/21/2021
August 4, 2021

DEADLINE: The Rory Peck Awards

The Rory Peck Awards aim to give freelance journalists the ​​recognition they deserve, rewarding the most outstanding work​ produced each year and highlighting their significant contribution to the international media industry. Deadline: August 4, 2021.

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Forest Conservation Case Tests B.C.’s Law To Protect Free Speech

"Lawyers say Todsen Design and Construction’s libel case against two individuals and the Qualicum Beach Preservation Society — each fighting to protect a small coastal Douglas fir forest from development — will test a fairly new provincial law designed to halt strategic lawsuits against public participation".

Source: The Narwhal, 07/15/2021

SEJ Calls on EPA To Restore 'Fishbowl' Transparency for Press

July 14, 2021 — SEJ wrote a letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan calling on him to make clear that EPA scientists and staff are permitted and even encouraged to share their expertise and work with journalists. This comes on the heels of a leaked internal email reminding EPA employees in one of the agency's offices that they are not allowed to respond directly to press queries, after Regan had pledged earlier this year that the agency would operate "in a fishbowl."


"Climate Scientists Take Swipe At Exxon Mobil, Industry In Leaked Report"

"A recently leaked draft report written by some of the world’s top climate scientists blamed disinformation and lobbying campaigns — including by Exxon Mobil — for undermining government efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the dangers of global warming to society."

Source: Politico, 07/13/2021

As Climate Change Brings Extreme Heat Events, Human Health Is a Casualty

With heat waves driven by global warming pounding parts of the western United States this summer, environmental journalists mustn’t overlook the toll on especially vulnerable populations, among them disadvantaged groups, the elderly, those in low-income housing and more. The latest Issue Backgrounder helps reporters understand heat’s health effects, track heat-vulnerable populations and clarifies how communities can prepare and prevent the worst public health impacts.

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