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Charting the Year Ahead in Environment, Energy News

This is a decisive time on the energy and environment front, with challenges and confrontation expected over the consummation of the Trump deregulatory agenda. Our second annual issues guide provides a roadmap for covering the big stories. The guide's formal launch took place at an SEJ event in Washington, D.C. on January 26. If you missed it, the webcast is archived here.

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February 12, 2018

DEADLINE: GroundTruth Project/WCAI Climate Change Reporting Fellowship

The GroundTruth Project and WCAI, the local NPR member station for the Cape, Islands and South Coast, invite applications for a new reporting fellowship that will explore how individuals and communities are coping with the realities of climate change. Two emerging journalists will report for six months in WCAI's newsroom in Woods Hole, MA. Deadline to apply is Feb 12.


In Trump Era, Author Ponders What TR Would Do

The environmental legacy of past presidents tells us much about the current White House, whose occupant author Douglas Brinkley calls "a used car salesman of the worst kind." In this "Between the Lines" Q&A, the historian talks about what we can learn from TR and FDR, the future of the environmental movement and the role of journalists.

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DOJ Helped Prosecutor Target Facebook Records of Anti-Pipeline Activists

"Nine months after pipeline opponents in Washington state staged a protest that blocked freeway traffic, Facebook ended a protracted legal standoff with a county prosecutor, turning over detailed records on the indigenous-led group behind the demonstration."

Source: The Intercept, 01/15/2018


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