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Reporting on Poor, Kids Sickened by Industrial Air Pollution

Pittsburgh is known for its history of steel production … and of air pollution. In the new Inside Story, reporter Kristina Marusic talks about capturing the health impacts of air emissions in western Pennsylvania, and shares insights on how dogged environmental justice reporting can make the links between pollution cuts and health impacts. Plus, tips on managing a long reporting project, creating infographics and using video.

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Lawn Chemicals May Make Fertile Soil for Local Environmental Stories

Lawns can be as much bane as boon for homeowners that care for them throughout the United States. But when their maintenance involves the use of pesticides and fertilizers, they become a much wider concern for community health and the surrounding environment. The latest TipSheet combs through the grass for a better understanding of the problem, and offers ideas and resources for local environmental coverage.

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DEADLINE: The National Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowships

Deadline is TODAY, May 17, to apply for this special year-long fellowship, a collaboration of SEJ, AHCJ and CASW. Twelve early-career US journalists will receive training, networking, mentoring, new sources and story ideas — while allowing them to stay at their jobs.


More Air Monitoring At Louisiana Industrial Plants? How They Voted

"For years, environmental advocates and neighborhoods close to Louisiana industrial plants have sought more monitoring of air pollution. But a state Senate committee on Tuesday rejected a bill that would have required 473 plants to install real-time air monitoring systems and pay for it."

Source:, 04/30/2021

"EPA Expands Scope of Toxics Inventory With Eye Toward Justice"

"The EPA said Thursday that it’ll expand the scope of its toxics release inventory to include more chemicals and facilities releasing toxic chemicals while providing easier public access to the data."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/30/2021

"Corporate Secrecy Over Climate Change Targeted By Wash. And Calif."

"California clean tech innovator Bloom Energy, with its noncombustion, low-emission fuel cells, is hardly taking the same approach to powering the planet as oil giant Chevron, but one thing the companies have in common are slick promotional campaigns defining them as environmental pioneers. That public relations savvy, though, has lately become a liability for both firms."

Source: LA Times, 04/30/2021


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