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"How Trump’s ‘Secret Science’ Rule Would Put Patients’ Privacy at Risk"

"When patients participate in health studies, their medical and genetic details are typically kept anonymous to protect them. A controversial Trump administration plan to limit the scientific studies used in policymaking could put that anonymity in jeopardy, a new study warns."

Source: InsideClimate News, 01/20/2020

News Media Protest Restrictive Rules for Coverage of Impeachment Trial

"The organization representing daily reporters on Capitol Hill is protesting restrictions expected to be imposed on the news media during the Senate impeachment trial, saying the security crackdown will severely limit access to lawmakers and stifle coverage of the proceedings."

Source: Washington Post, 01/16/2020

Trump Official Accused Of ‘Climate Censorship’ in Texas Drilling Plans

"Environmentalists are accusing the Trump administration of committing another act of “climate censorship” after a U.S. Forest Service administrator allegedly directed agency employees to remove references to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions from plans to open national forests and grasslands in Texas to new rounds of oil and natural gas drilling."

Source: Houston Chronicle, 01/15/2020

Future of Nuclear Power Hangs in Balance of Climate, Costs

Safety has traditionally been the key question when discussing the realities of nuclear power. But in assessing the future of the nuclear industry amid debates over its potential to help tackle the climate crisis, the latest entry in our “2020 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & the Environment” reports that there may be an equally pressing concern. 

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The Journalism Student Who Went Down a Rabbit Hole and Came Up a Mine Shaft

A young journalist looking for a quick report found himself instead on a five-month odyssey to cover the hidden dangers of abandoned mining sites in the Southwest — then picked up a Society of Environmental Journalists’ student award in the aftermath. How this student’s persistence paid off, in the latest EJ Academy. 

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