"A Long-Simmering Water Battle Comes To A Boil In Southern California"

"If, like me, you live in Los Angeles — or Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix or Salt Lake City — you drink water from the Colorado River. You probably eat vegetables grown with Colorado River water, and maybe you eat beef fed on alfalfa grown with Colorado River water. When you switch on a light or charge your phone, some of the electricity may be generated by Colorado River water."

Source: LA Times, 06/22/2020

"Mississippi R.: White House Plots Next Step In Battle Over Yazoo Pumps"

"A controversial flood control and drainage project in Mississippi that EPA vetoed more than a decade ago is aggravating old tensions among environmental groups, lawmakers and agricultural groups in the Magnolia State as the Trump administration plans its next move."

Source: E&E News, 06/16/2020

Locusts A Biblical Plague In 2020. Why? And ... What Are They Exactly?

"Titanic swarms of desert locusts resembling dark storm clouds are descending ravenously on the Horn of Africa. They're roving through croplands and flattening farms in a devastating salvo experts are calling an unprecedented threat to food security. On the ground, subsistence planters can do nothing but watch — staring up with horror and at their fields in dismay."

Source: NPR, 06/15/2020

"States Overuse ‘Emergency’ Pesticide Exemptions, Watchdogs Say"

"Three states that ask the EPA every year for permission to use a pesticide proven to harm bees are using emergency exemptions as a backdoor way to evade pesticide rules, an environmental group argues."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 06/15/2020


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