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"Alberta To Toughen Oil Sands Emission Rules That Reward Big Polluters

"The province of Alberta will toughen its greenhouse gas emissions standards for oil sands mines, closing a loophole that rewarded some of Canada’s highest-emitting facilities with millions of dollars’ worth of tradeable credits, its environment ministry told Reuters."

Source: Reuters, 02/15/2022

Formaldehyde Increases By 17 Percent The Risk Of Memory, Thinking Woes

"Health-care workers and others who are exposed on the job to formaldehyde, even in low amounts, face a 17 percent increased likelihood of developing memory and thinking problems later on, according to research published in the journal Neurology."

Source: Washington Post, 02/14/2022

EPA Science Advisers Recommend Tighter Soot Standards In Draft Document

"In a new draft document, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) science advisers recommended that the agency tighten its air quality standards for soot pollution after the Trump administration declined to make such a move.

The new draft that was released Friday by the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) says “all CASAC members agree that the current level of the annual standard is not sufficiently protective of public health and should be lowered.”

Source: The Hill, 02/08/2022

"Urban Air Pollution Affects 2.5 Billion People Worldwide, Study Says"

"About 86 percent of people living in urban areas worldwide — 2.5 billion people — are being exposed to air pollution levels roughly seven times greater than World Health Organization guidelines, according to new research, led by George Washington University researchers and published in the Lancet Planetary Health journal."

Source: Washington Post, 02/07/2022

"Biden Begins Crackdown On Power Plant Pollution"

"Biden administration officials are kicking off a crackdown on power plant pollution, aiming to shift the nation’s electricity supply to cleaner energy in the face of congressional resistance and a Supreme Court that could limit the federal government’s ability to tighten public health standards."

Source: Washington Post, 02/01/2022

"Environmental Justice Groups Sue Over Incinerator Pollution"

"Community groups in New Jersey and California are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, seeking to force trash incinerators across the country — many of them in predominantly minority communities — to emit less pollution into the air."

Source: AP, 01/28/2022


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