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Trump’s Parting Gift to St. Croix: One of America’s Largest Refineries

"Environmentalists say Trump’s EPA bent rules to speed its restart. Now, they want President Biden to address what they call a textbook case of environmental injustice."

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/23/2021

"EPA Deal With Alabama Polluter Undercuts Biden Equity Pledge"

"When a special team of EPA inspectors first showed up at an industrial plant belching carcinogens on the worn outskirts of Birmingham, Ala., in 2011, their findings of flagrant regulatory violations were later deemed serious enough to warrant a referral to the Justice Department."

Source: E&E News, 03/23/2021

Congress Launches Probe Into Multibillion-Dollar 'Clean Coal' Tax Credit

"The U.S. Congress is investigating a multibillion-dollar subsidy for chemically treated coal that is meant to reduce smokestack pollution, after evidence emerged that power plants using the fuel produced more smog not less."

Source: Reuters, 03/16/2021

Study Finds Wildfire Smoke Harms Humans More Than Pollution From Cars

"Tens of millions of Americans experienced at least a day last year shrouded in wildfire smoke. Entire cities were blanketed, in some cases for weeks, as unprecedented wildfires tore across the Western U.S., causing increases in hospitalizations for respiratory emergencies and concerns about people's longer-term health."

Source: NPR, 03/08/2021

CAMEO Software Can Help Journalists Cover Chemical Disasters

When a local hazmat emergency erupts, will you be ready to safely cover it? A well-proven government software suite with a series of power tools will help, and the latest Reporter’s Toolbox guides you through it so you can get ahead of the emergency. Read on to get familiar with CAMEO.

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"More States Follow California's Lead On Vehicle Emissions Standards"

"An increasing number of states are looking to follow the precedent set by California and adopt stricter vehicle emissions standards as the Biden administration appears poised to green light those efforts."

Source: The Hill, 03/02/2021


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