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Deer Park Fire Investigations Begin Amid Fear Over Emissions, Pollution

"The U.S. Chemical Safety Board on Wednesday announced it would investigate the three-day chemical blaze at the International Terminals Co., hours after emissions of carcinogenic benzene spiked near the Deer Park plant, prompting city officials to order residents to shelter in place for most of the morning."

Source: Houston Chronicle, 03/22/2019

"EPA: Wehrum's Old Clients Back 'Ambient Air' Plan — Documents"

"Three decades ago, congressional auditors slammed an obscure EPA policy for effectively allowing companies to circumvent air pollution control requirements. But the policy, which defines "ambient air" for regulatory purposes, remained in place. Now, at industry's prompting, the Trump administration is poised to dramatically expand its scope."

Source: Greenwire, 03/08/2019

Perfecting Your Panorama Technique

In this how-to, veteran environmental photojournalist Dennis Dimick shares new techniques for capturing panoramas from the air — while on commercial plane flights — in order to illustrate human impacts on the landscape. Plus, Dimick details how and why he developed the new approach, in our latest EJ InSight column exploring the cutting edge of visual journalism on the environment.

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Capturing a Planet on the Fly

Capturing panoramas from the air has become a passion for veteran environmental photojournalist Dennis Dimick. In the latest EJ InSight, our new column exploring the cutting edge of visual journalism on the environment, Dimick describes how he visualizes the expanding human footprint of the emergent Anthropocene era — by shooting from commercial airplane flights. Plus, Dimick shares his techniques in a how-to sidebar.

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Where Does All That Recycling Go?

Where do all those recyclables actually go? This week’s TipSheet dives into the trash to find a story worth telling — of troubling overseas dumping, problematic local incineration and a fraying patchwork of U.S. regulation. Plus, several dozen questions you might want to ask, a pair of pro tips and a dozen resources to track the story in your area.

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