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Data Sources a Jumping-Off Point for Radon Stories

If radon is the forgotten environmental health story, per our recent TipSheet, then at least journalists ready to report have some good resources to do it. Our latest Reporter’s Toolbox details several databases that provide invaluable info on the problem, including a new comprehensive, and mappable, database from the Centers for Disease Control.

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Radon — The Forgotten Environmental Health Story

Thousands of lives are lost each year to lung cancers caused by radon exposure. Yet as the latest TipSheet explains the story often remains untold. Get the context to help turn this life-and-death environmental health concern into local news reporting. Plus, Reporter’s Toolbox highlights databases that can kick-start coverage.

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"Lawsuit Seeks To Protect California’s Auto Emission Rules"

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A coalition of 11 environmental groups has sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for revoking California’s authority to set tougher emission standards for cars and trucks than the federal government.

The federal government has allowed California to set its own emission standards since the 1970s because the state has the most cars on the road and struggles to meet air quality standards. Thirteen other states plus the District of Columbia follow California’s rules.

Source: AP, 11/25/2019

EPA Rules Reducing Ethylene Oxide Won't Apply To Most Louisiana Plants

"Environmental groups had been waiting nearly three years for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to comply with a federal judge’s orders to update Clean Air Act rules governing emissions of various toxic chemicals."

Source:, 11/15/2019

"NASA Flew Gas Detectors Above California, Found ‘Super Emitters’"

"Over the course of three years, NASA flew a plane carrying gas-imaging equipment above California and made a discovery that surprised even the state’s own environmental agencies: A handful of operations are responsible for the vast majority of methane emissions."

Source: Bloomberg, 11/07/2019


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