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"Bill Wehrum, an Architect of EPA Rollbacks, Faces New Ethics Inquiry"

"The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general will investigate allegations that William L. Wehrum, the agency’s former air quality chief, violated ethics rules when he met with former clients from his days as a lawyer and lobbyist for the oil, gas and coal industries."

Source: NY Times, 07/23/2019

"As Trump Touts U.S. Air Quality, EPA Data Shows Some Areas Worsening"

"The number of unhealthy air days in major cities across the United States has risen sharply over the last two years, even as emissions of key pollutants continue to slip, according to data released by the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday."

Source: Reuters, 07/18/2019

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Key Source for Local Climate Change Stories

A long-standing EPA inventory of greenhouse gasses has been gussied up of late, making it easier than ever to comb the data for global warming stories in your community. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox continues its new data journalism focus with a look at this resource, and how to use the info in it smartly. 

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"Airplane Contrails' Climate Impact to Triple by 2050, Study Says"

"Those thin white clouds that jet engines draw across the sky are leaving their mark on the climate. A new study warns that the global heat-trapping effect of contrail clouds will triple by 2050 unless airlines and airplane builders dramatically reduce emissions or air traffic patterns change."

Source: InsideClimate News, 06/28/2019


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