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For ‘Wonky’ Pollution Story, Making the Complex Clear

The latest Inside Story column takes a look at how one reporter turned a series of complex policy stories on renewable energy and pollution into an accessible, localized narrative — and in the process won a Society of Environmental Journalists’ explanatory reporting award. A Q&A about the project with Baltimore Sun’s Scott Dance.

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"EPA New Source Review Plan Gives Companies Air Permitting Relief"

"The Environmental Protection Agency on Aug. 1 proposed changes to the Clean Air Act’s New Source Review permitting program, which currently requires industrial facilities to install new pollution controls each time a company adds a new facility or expands existing operations."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/02/2019

Mongolia Capital Bans Coal To Fix Its Pollution Problem. Will It Work?

"Welcome to the coldest capital city on earth — Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — where the temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The city's population has nearly tripled since 1989. Without infrastructure to service all 1.4 million people, residents off the electric grid are burning raw coal to stay warm. The result? Winters with extreme air pollution."

Source: NPR, 07/30/2019

Bikes Make Path for Local Environment Stories

When it comes to bringing environmental stories home to your audience, don’t soft-pedal the topic of bicycling. Bikes are a way in to the issue of climate, as well as health and infrastructure. The most recent TipSheet has more on why you can ride the bike beat for your local reporting

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