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"Groundhogs, Out From the Scientific Shadows"

"New research aims to shed light on the social habits of the popular, but often misunderstood, animal."

"FALMOUTH, Maine — Groundhog Day may be a tongue-in-cheek holiday, but it remains the one day earmarked in the United States for an animal: Marmota monax, the largest and most widely distributed of the marmot genus, found munching on flowering plants — or, at this time of year, snuggling underground — from Alabama to Alaska.

Source: NYTimes, 02/01/2022

Beavers Are Flooding the Warming Alaskan Arctic, Threatening Fish

"A thawing of permafrost in beaver-built wetlands can release vast stores of greenhouse gases to warm the climate, but Native peoples are already feeling the rodent’s impacts." "When the beavers came to streams near the Alaskan village of Venetie, the fish disappeared."

Source: Inside Climate News, 02/01/2022

Count Estimates Earth Has 73,000 Tree Species – 14% More Than Reported

"There are an estimated 73,300 species of tree on Earth, 9,000 of which have yet to be discovered, according to a global count of tree species by thousands of researchers who used second world war codebreaking techniques created at Bletchley Park to evaluate the number of unknown species."

Source: Guardian, 02/01/2022


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