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DOE Conditionally Approves $2.26 Billion Loan For Huge Nevada Lithium Mine

"President Joe Biden’s administration has conditionally agreed to loan more than $2 billion to the company building a controversial lithium mine in Nevada with the largest known U.S. deposit of the metal critical to making batteries for electric vehicles key to his renewable energy agenda."

Source: AP, 03/18/2024

Photographing Vernal Pools, ‘Another Universe’ in Your Backyard

Vernal pools — small, ephemeral forest wetlands — may appear humble, but these complex, keystone ecosystems have an outsized ecological role. So when photographer Tristan Spinski set out to deconstruct them by season, species and life-cycle stage, he captured extraordinary moments above and below the water’s surface. Spinski shared his journey with EJ InSight editor Andrew Cullen, along with some nature photography strategies even for those without impressive gear. Plus, view his images.

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"Spring Is Getting Earlier. Find Out How It’s Changed In Your Town."

"As global warming nudges temperatures higher, memories of the past offer an informal account of how the seasons have changed. A formal account comes from the USA National Phenology Network — phenology is the study of seasonal change — which reports the annual appearance of spring’s first leaves in the contiguous United States since 1981."

Source: Washington Post, 03/14/2024

"Adapt, Move or Die? Plants and Animals Face New Pressures in a Warming World"

"The world continues to hit alarming records. Last year was the warmest since record keeping began in 1850. And the 10 warmest years have all occurred in the past decade. The implications for life on Earth are vast. More than 1 million species are already at risk of extinction — a number that’s likely to increase with climate pressures."

Source: The Revelator, 03/12/2024

"Colorado Could Bring Back Wolverines In An Unprecedented Rewilding Effort"

"A bipartisan group of Colorado lawmakers are proposing legislation to reintroduce wolverines, one of the country’s rarest carnivores, into a state primed with deep snow and high mountains. The unprecedented move would be the first wolverine reintroduction in North America, and is part of an ongoing effort by Coloradans to restore the state’s native species."

Source: Guardian, 03/12/2024


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