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Economic Giants Are Restarting. Here’s What It Means for Climate Change

"As countries begin rolling out plans to restart their economies after the brutal shock inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic, the three biggest producers of planet-warming gases — the European Union, the United States and China — are writing scripts that push humanity in very different directions."

Source: NYTimes, 06/01/2020

"EU Green Recovery Package Sets A Marker For The World"

"The European commission has put down a marker for the world with its green recovery package. It sets a high standard for other nations, using the rebuilding of coronavirus-ravaged economies to tackle the even greater threat of the climate emergency, in principle at least."

Source: Guardian, 05/29/2020

"US Lets Corporations Delay Paying Environmental Fines Amid Pandemic"

"Ten corporations that agreed to a total of $56m in civil penalties for allegedly breaking environmental laws are not being required to make payments under a pause granted by the US government during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Source: Guardian, 05/28/2020

"Record Drop In Energy Investment, Warns International Energy Agency"

"The coronavirus crisis is causing the biggest fall in global energy investment in history. Before the pandemic, funding was set to rise 2%, but now it’s predicted to plunge 20%, says the International Energy Agency (IEA)."

Source: BBC News, 05/28/2020


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