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Nestlé Plan To Take Water From Florida Natural Springs Sparks Outcry

"Opponents fighting to stop the project say the fragile river cannot sustain such a large draw".

"The crystal blue waters of Ginnie Springs have long been treasured among the string of pearls that line Florida’s picturesque Santa Fe River, a playground for water sports enthusiasts and an ecologically critical haven for the numerous species of turtles that nest on its banks.

Soon, however, it is feared there could be substantially less water flowing through, if a plan by the food and beverage giant Nestlé wins approval.

Source: Guardian, 08/28/2019

Newark to Borrow $120M, Speed Replacing Pipes Blamed For Lead In Water

"NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey's biggest city on Monday announced a plan to borrow $120 million to drastically cut the time it will take to replace pipes causing elevated lead levels in drinking water."

Source: AP, 08/27/2019

"Putting a Positive Spin on Oil Exploration in the Arctic Refuge"

"When the Trump administration first pushed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil exploration, it predicted that drilling would generate a windfall for the federal Treasury: $1.8 billion, by a White House estimate. But two years later, with the expected sale of the first oil and gas leases just months away, a New York Times analysis of prior lease sales suggests that the new activity may yield as little as $45 million over the next decade."

Source: NY Times, 08/22/2019

Climate Change Could Cost The U.S. Up To 10.5% Of Its GDP by 2100

"Extreme weather events, cuts to worker productivity and other effects of climate change could cause major global economic losses unless greenhouse gas emissions are significantly curtailed in the next few decades, according to a new working paper published Monday. The paper is the latest in a string of reports from the United Nations and global financial institutions and others showing that climate change constitutes a looming financial risk."

Source: Washington Post, 08/21/2019

"Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray"

"The White House, blindsided by a pact between California and four automakers to oppose President Trump’s auto emissions rollbacks, has mounted an effort to prevent any more from joining the other side."

Source: NY Times, 08/20/2019

"Car Rules: Dems Push More Automakers To Join Calif. Fuel Economy Deal"

"A group of House Democrats is urging General Motors Co. and other leading automakers to join the four car manufacturers that have broken with the Trump administration and signed on to a deal with California to keep improving vehicle fuel economy."

Source: Greenwire, 08/16/2019


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