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SEJ Webinar: Covering a Crisis: Climate, Coronavirus and Global (In)Action

How should the media cover a crisis? SEJ's 2020 webinar series launched April 2 with a discussion of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that could inform how journalists, scientists and advocates communicate about and address climate change. Panelists: Denis Hayes, The Earth Day Network and The Bullitt Foundation; Alice Hill, Council on Foreign Relations; and John Mecklin, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, moderated by Guardian US' Emily Holden.


Tribe That Drew Trump’s Fire Over Casino Loses Its Reservation Status

"The U.S. Interior Department is rescinding the reservation status of a Native American tribe whose plan to build a casino on its Massachusetts land was attacked by President Donald Trump last year."

Source: HuffPost, 03/30/2020

"EPA’s Relaxed Enforcement Amid Virus Draws Mixed State Reaction"

"State regulators are giving mixed responses to the EPA’s relaxed enforcement on a range of environmental obligations by facilities affected by the coronavirus pandemic."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 03/30/2020

A Source Toolbox for Climate Change Reporting in the Emerald Corridor

As part of the “Covering Your Climate: The Emerald Corridor” special report, we’ve collected a wide range of resources to help reporters track down climate stories throughout the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find an array of government, academic and NGO links for Oregon, including Portland; Washington, including Seattle; and British Columbia, including Vancouver, as well as from regional, national and international resources.

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Pacific Northwest Rides Adaptation Wave

The final entry in our multi-week “Covering Your Climate: The Emerald Corridor” special report explores how the Pacific Northwest is adapting to climate change, whether it’s new approaches to working the land, changing critical infrastructure or rethinking our mindset. Read this last tipsheet, plus check out our earlier reports on climate mitigation and on climate impacts, plus our stage-setting backgrounder and a reporter’s resource toolkit.

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Trump DOE Suspends Emergency Oil Purchase After Congress Denies Funding

"The Energy Department is suspending its plan to buy low-priced oil to restock the nation’s emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve after Congress chose not to provide funding for the purchase in its emergency pandemic relief package."

Source: Washington Examiner, 03/27/2020
March 27, 2020

Free Webinar: Rising from the Economic Ashes

The current pandemic has shown the immense brittleness and vulnerability of the world’s economy. Economic recovery is one of the biggest long-term stories facing journalists, and the world, right now. Join our conversation, 12-1:30 p.m. EST, with ecological economist Jon Erickson, University of Vermont; social economist Juliet Schor, Boston College; and interdisciplinary scholar Nate Hagens, Post Carbon Institute. The conversation will be moderated by Dale Willman, award-winning journalist and Associate Director of the new Resilience Media Project at the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

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"After Senate Vote, Massive U.S. Coronavirus Bill Moves To The House"

"The U.S. Senate’s unanimous passage of a $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill sent the unprecedented economic legislation to the House of Representatives, whose Democratic leaders hope to pass it on Friday."

Source: Reuters, 03/26/2020

Massive COVID-19 Aid Bill Nears Passage with Key Environment, Energy Elements

An historic multi-trillion-dollar COVID-19 aid bill is approaching passage in the U.S. Congress, and while details are currently sketchy, it appears to include some key environment and energy asks related to oil reserves, emergency transit funding, cuts in airline carbon emissions, clean energy tax credits, and relief for oil, gas and coal industries. Read on, find out more about the many environment and energy reporting angles to the COVID-19 outbreak and stay tuned to SEJournal online for further developments.

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"Iconic Plant’s End Spells Doom For Struggling Coal Industry"

"President Donald Trump tried to stop it from happening. The top Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, did too. Despite their best efforts to make good on Trump’s campaign promise to save the beleaguered coal industry, including an eleventh-hour pressure campaign, the Tennessee Valley Authority power plant at Paradise burned its last load of coal last month."

Source: AP, 03/25/2020


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