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"Biden’s Lesson From Past Green Stimulus Failures: Go Even Bigger"

"As vice president, Joe Biden oversaw a “green jobs” stimulus package that produced notable failures. This time, with more money and more demand for clean technology, will be different, Democrats say."

"WASHINGTON — In September 2009, then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. traveled to a defunct General Motors plant near his hometown, Wilmington, Del., to announce a $528.7 million government loan for Fisker Automotive to make hybrid and electric vehicles.

Source: NYTimes, 03/30/2021

"Green Climate Fund Chief Urges Reopening of U.S. Finance Tap"

"As the Green Climate Fund seeks to ramp up its financing for climate action and green recovery in developing nations, it needs the United States to restart contributions halted by its former president, the fund's executive director said on Friday."

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 03/29/2021

"Riders Are Abandoning Buses and Trains. That’s a Problem for Climate"

"Public transit offers a simple way for cities to lower greenhouse gas emissions, but the pandemic has pushed ridership, and revenue, off a cliff in many big systems."

"On the London Underground, Piccadilly Circus station is nearly vacant on a weekday morning, while the Delhi Metro is ferrying fewer than half of the riders it used to. In Rio, unpaid bus drivers have gone on strike. New York City subway traffic is just a third of what it was before the pandemic.

Source: NYTimes, 03/29/2021

"Canada's Top Court Upholds Pillar Of Trudeau's Plan To Fight Climate Change"

"Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in favour of the federal government’s carbon pricing policy on Thursday, upholding a central pillar of Prime Minister Justin’s Trudeau’s climate plan and infuriating some provinces that opposed it."

Source: Reuters, 03/26/2021

Biden EPA Yanks Permit for St. Croix Refinery over Environmental Justice

"The Biden administration handed environmental justice advocates a major victory on Thursday when it announced it was withdrawing a key pollution permit for an oil refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands that locals say has long fouled their air and water and endangered their health."

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/26/2021
March 29, 2021

Reporting on Tropical Forest Carbon

Join the the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting for a Noon - 1pm ET conversation with three journalists (including SEJ members Daniel Grossman and Dado Galdieri) who have reported on the promise and perils of tropical forest carbon projects.


"Politics: Republicans Won't 'Take The Bait' On Infrastructure"

"Top congressional Republicans are warning Democrats against splitting up the upcoming infrastructure package, raising new doubts for the prospects of bipartisan cooperation on a top Biden priority in the months ahead."

Source: E&E News, 03/25/2021


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