Environmental Health

"Shutdown Means E.P.A. Pollution Inspectors Aren’t on the Job"

"The two-week-old shutdown has halted one of the federal government’s most important public health activities, the inspections of chemical factories, power plants, oil refineries, water treatment plants, and thousands of other industrial sites for pollution violations."

Source: NY Times, 01/10/2019

Lead Poisoning Stunts Cleveland Students’ Learning While Leaders Fail

"In recent years, thousands of children started kindergarten in Cleveland public schools already poisoned by lead, which threatens their chances to achieve and poses steep challenges for the district charged with educating them."

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, 01/07/2019

A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers

"The children fell ill, one by one, with cancers that few families in this suburban Indianapolis community had ever heard of. An avid swimmer struck down by glioblastoma, which grew a tumor in her brain. Four children with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Fifteen children with acute lymphocytic leukemia, including three cases diagnosed in the past year."

Source: NY Times, 01/03/2019

The 2019 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment

SEJournal looks ahead to key issues in the coming year with this "2019 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment" special report. Stay tuned as we continue to add elements to the report up through and beyond its formal launch Jan. 25 at an annual roundtable, organized by the Society of Environmental Journalists with the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.

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