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EPA IG: Trump Official Delayed Releasing Info On Cancer Chemical In Ill.

"A Trump administration political official delayed the publication of information about a chemical that has been linked to health issues – including cancer – in Illinois, an internal government watchdog said Thursday."

Source: The Hill, 04/16/2021

DDT’s Toxic Legacy Can Harm Granddaughters Of Women Exposed: Study

"When Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” first sounded the alarm on DDT and its devastating effects on birds and fish, our understanding of how this pesticide affected humans was just beginning. Chemicals can take years to reveal their insidious power, and so for decades, scientists have been piecing together — study by study — the reasons why DDT still haunts us today."

Source: LA Times, 04/15/2021

"Study Finds Lower Life Expectancy Around Superfund Sites"

"New research suggests that living near hazardous waste is, unsurprisingly, harmful to health and longevity. The study found a clear link between lower life expectancy and living near a waste site, with residents in poorer neighborhoods possibly losing as much as a year of life."

Source: Earther, 04/15/2021
April 21, 2021

ACG Webinar: Climate Change and Energy Policy at the State Level

The Aspen Institute Germany and the American Council on Germany invite you to a virtual discussion on the challenges posed by climate change and energy, and to explore collaboration at state level. 12pm ET.


Flexibility in the Face of the Unexpected

When a Chicago-based freelancer was just about to hit the road to report a three-part story and TV segment on the potential impacts of two proposed copper mines in the Great Lakes basin, there was a little hitch: The COVID-19 pandemic hit. The new FEJ StoryLog has the story of how Lorraine Boissoneault found the flexibility to complete her grant-supported project.

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Driven by Industry, More States Pass Tough Laws vs. Pipeline Protesters

"Bills to increase penalties for “impeding” the operations of a pipeline or power plant—in many cases elevating the offense to a felony—are pending in at least five states and have been enacted in 15 others."

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/13/2021


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