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"EPA Withdraws Proposed Obama-Era Rule Change For Uranium Mining"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Friday it has withdrawn a regulation proposed in the last days of the Obama administration that aimed to tighten health and safety compliance rules for uranium miners."

Source: Reuters, 10/22/2018

SEJ's 29th Annual Conference, Fort Collins, CO, Oct. 2019

Environmental Journalism 2019 will take place in Fort Collins, Colorado, hosted by Colorado State University, in early October 2019. Colorado simultaneously boasts and suffers from a population explosion in Denver and other cities. This purple state is fertile ground for both clashes and collaborations among parties vying for rights to land, water and air, whether to preserve it for wildlife and human recreation or to exploit it for energy extraction. And it is fertile ground for stories!


Farm Bill May Stir Up Local Hornets’ Nest on Pesticides

​Local pesticide bans that go beyond federal restrictions may be a growing trend, but it’s one that has brought on a backlash by GOP politicians and farmers. The conflict may soon be resolved — or not — by Congress, as it closes in on a new U.S. Farm Bill. Meanwhile, this week’s TipSheet helps explain the dispute and provides resources and signs to watch.

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