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Reporter, Wearing Two Hats, Journeys Into Filmmaking

For Boston Globe environment reporter David Abel, a side project shooting video of the 2013 Boston Marathon sealed his passion for nonfiction filmmaking, one that has since yielded four high-profile nature documentaries. In EJ InSight, Abel traces that path and details how he balances his environment reporting and filmmaking. Plus, view images from Abel’s documentary work.

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"Wildfire Smoke Is Poisoning California’s Kids. Some Pay a Higher Price"

"The fires sweeping across millions of acres in California aren’t just incinerating trees and houses. They’re also filling the lungs of California’s children with smoke, with potentially grave effects over the course of their lives."

Source: NYTimes, 11/30/2020

"Environmental Justice Crusader Eyed for White House Council"

"President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is considering recommending environmental justice champion Mustafa Santiago Ali to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality, as the incoming administration seeks to prioritize the damage pollution takes on poor and minority communities."

Source: Bloomberg, 11/30/2020

"E.P.A.’s Final Deregulatory Rush Runs Into Open Staff Resistance"

"President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency was rushing to complete one of its last regulatory priorities, aiming to obstruct the creation of air- and water-pollution controls far into the future, when a senior career scientist moved to hobble it."

Source: NYTimes, 11/30/2020

House Dems Seek List Of Trump Appointees "Burrowing In" To Biden Admin

"House Democrats are asking the Trump administration to turn over a list of employees who will be slotted into a new category of federal employment that critics fear will be used to retain Trump political appointees."

Source: The Hill, 11/27/2020

EPA Won't Require Industry To Guarantee Funding For Toxic Waste Cleanups

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is declining to require oil and gas, coal, chemical and mining companies to have insurance to cover major spills and accidents."

Source: The Hill, 11/27/2020


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