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Can DOE Store 50 Tons Of Weapons-Grade Plutonium For 10,000 Years?

"The nuclear age is undergoing a paradigm shift. During much of the latter half of the past century, the nuclear enterprise was ascendant; now, it has entered a period of decline and uncertain long-term custodianship. This reversal of fortune is especially apparent in the United States’ efforts to rid itself of its unwanted reserves of plutonium."

"Senate Confirms Michael Regan To Lead EPA"

"The Senate confirmed Michael Regan to lead the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, putting the North Carolina regulator in charge of restoring the climate and water pollution regulations that the Trump administration had weakened."

Source: Politico, 03/11/2021

"New Research Shows Just How Many Fish Are Eating Plastic"

"Each year the amount of plastic swirling in ocean gyres and surfing the tide toward coastal beaches seems to increase. So too does the amount of plastic particles being consumed by fish — including species that help feed billions of people around the world."

Source: The Revelator, 03/10/2021

Courts Help Biden Quickly Dismantle Trump’s Environmental Legacy

"As the Biden administration begins the daunting job of rebuilding U.S. climate policy, it has gotten help from an unexpected, and perhaps unlikely, source—the federal courts." "Trump’s success in appointing conservative judges has so far been no match for his team's own ineptitude, the skill of the environmental bar and industry’s desire to work with the new administration."


Source: Inside Climate News, 03/10/2021

"Caribbean Refinery To Test Biden's Promises On Poverty And Pollution"

"Earlier this month, Loren Hughes, a longtime resident of the U.S. Virgin Islands, noticed specks of an oily substance covering his home, as well as those owned by his neighbors."

Source: Reuters, 03/09/2021

Biden FDA Nears Limiting Toxic Heavy Metals In Commercial Baby Foods

"In the wake of a congressional report last month that found the presence of toxic metals at high levels in many baby foods, the Biden administration Friday announced the first steps aimed at reducing arsenic, lead and other toxins in baby and toddler products."

Source: Washington Post, 03/09/2021

Study Finds Wildfire Smoke Harms Humans More Than Pollution From Cars

"Tens of millions of Americans experienced at least a day last year shrouded in wildfire smoke. Entire cities were blanketed, in some cases for weeks, as unprecedented wildfires tore across the Western U.S., causing increases in hospitalizations for respiratory emergencies and concerns about people's longer-term health."

Source: NPR, 03/08/2021


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