"How The ‘Urban Doom Loop’ Could Pose The Next Economic Threat"

"All across the country, downtowns, office spaces and shopping centers are at risk of becoming ground zero for a new economic hazard: the urban doom loop. The fear is that a commercial real estate apocalypse could spiral out and slow commerce, wrecking local tax revenue in the process."

Source: Washington Post, 08/29/2023

"Covid Closed the Nation’s Schools. Cleaner Air Can Keep Them Open."

"Scientists and educators are searching for ways to improve air quality in the nation’s often dilapidated school buildings."

"On a sunny afternoon in a cluttered music room at East High in Denver, two sophomores practiced violin while their music teacher, Keith Oxman, labored over a desk in an adjoining office.

The ceiling fans were off to prevent the sheet music from scattering. The windows were sealed shut. East High is Denver’s largest high school and among the oldest, and there is no modern ventilation system.

Source: NYTimes, 08/28/2023

"Coastal Areas Will Face Record ‘Sunny Day’ Flooding In 2024 — NOAA"

"Eight locations along the nation’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts experienced a record surge in high-tide flooding days last year, a trend intensified by rising sea levels and weather patterns that El Niño is expected to escalate in 2024, NOAA said Tuesday."

Source: E&E News, 08/24/2023

Deadly Heat Wave In Central US Strains Infrastructure, Transport, Grid

"Deadly heat that has gripped Texas for much of the summer has spread into other parts of the central U.S. this week where it is forecast to stay for days, with triple-digit temperatures buckling roads, straining water systems and threatening the power grid of the nation’s energy capitol."

Source: AP, 08/24/2023

"Biden Administration Approves 4th Commercial-Scale Offshore Wind Project"

"The Biden administration on Tuesday approved a wind energy project off Rhode Island, the fourth major commercial-scale offshore wind energy project approved by the Biden Interior Department."

Source: The Hill, 08/23/2023

Some States Reject Federal Money To Find, Replace Dangerous Lead Pipes

"As the Biden administration makes billions of dollars available to remove millions of dangerous lead pipes that can contaminate drinking water and damage brain development in children, some states are turning down funds."

Source: AP, 08/23/2023

PHMSA Raises Safety Concerns Over Mountain Valley Pipeline in Formal Notice

"Federal regulators have sent a proposed safety order to the developers of the contentious and highly politicized Mountain Valley Pipeline citing concerns over potential pipe corrosion and land movement in the steep mountain terrain the pipeline will cross in West Virginia and Virginia."

Source: Inside Climate News, 08/23/2023

Painful Process Underway of Regulating PFAS in Drinking Water

Long-growing concern over dangerous “forever” chemicals has drawn the attention of federal and state policymakers, local communities and the utilities that provide their drinking water. But little about regulating PFAS will be quick or easy, making it a major environmental and public health story for years to come. Issue Backgrounder unfolds the regulatory moves, the politics and the larger implications of PFAS policy.

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