Trump Pushed Staff To Contradict Accurate NOAA Tweet On Dorian Track

 "President Trump told his staff that the nation’s leading weather forecasting agency needed to correct a statement that contradicted a tweet the president had sent wrongly claiming that Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama, senior administration officials said."

Source: Washington Post, 09/12/2019

"NOAA Chief, Defending Trump on Dorian, Also Tries to Buoy Scientists"

"Neil Jacobs, head of the federal scientific agency threatened with firings after one of its offices contradicted President Trump on Hurricane Dorian, defended the administration Tuesday even as he issued a carefully worded defense of agency scientists."

Source: NY Times, 09/11/2019

Ross Threatened Firings at NOAA After Trump’s Dorian Tweets: Sources

"The Secretary of Commerce threatened to fire top employees at the federal scientific agency responsible for weather forecasts last Friday after the agency’s Birmingham office contradicted President Trump’s claim that Hurricane Dorian might hit Alabama, according to three people familiar with the discussion."

Source: NY Times, 09/10/2019

"Limits On Scientists’ NC Sea-Level Rise Study Could Be Loosened"

"North Carolina lawmakers’ efforts to limit scientists’ reporting on sea level rise became the butt of jokes back in 2012. Now a decision from that time, the Coastal Resources Commission determination to have its science advisory panel present sea level rise forecasts looking only 30 years ahead, is being reconsidered."

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, 09/04/2019


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