Are Fluorinated Chemicals Contaminating Your Local Drinking Water?

A family of widely used fluorinated chemicals may be contaminating local drinking water supplies, causing uncertain health effects and with little clarity over federal regulations. But some states are starting to step in. This week’s TipSheet unwinds the confusion over PFAS, with some backstory and plenty of resources for your local coverage.

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Selective Media Tour on EPA Scandal, ‘Weaponizing’ Transparency and More

The EPA turns to friendly media to share its news, while limiting access to mainstream reporters. And the agency moves to “weaponize” transparency. Those stories, plus, a new way to map political influence on environmental policy, and key reports made public, in the latest WatchDog TipSheet.

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EPA Says It Wants Research Transparency. Scientists See Attack on Science

"The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a major change to the way it assesses scientific work, a move that would severely restrict the research available to it when writing environmental regulations."

Source: NY Times, 03/27/2018

Oil Lawyer Stresses Climate ‘Uncertainties’ In Wonky Court Tutorial

"SAN FRANCISCO -- In an unprecedented “tutorial” before a federal judge Wednesday, a lawyer for a major U.S. oil company accepted the scientific consensus that humans are the primary cause of global climate change. But he also emphasized uncertainties about future impacts, while deflecting industry responsibility."

Source: McClatchy, 03/22/2018

Reducing the Obstacles to Science-based Local Climate Reporting

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the most surprising findings from a new survey of environmental journalists. It showed a range of challenges in covering local climate change stories. And see what the group behind the survey hopes to do to help reporters and editors address these obstacles.

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