"Toronto's Ticking Landfills"

"They’re our dirty little forgotten secret: the city’s 161 closed garbage dumps. Forty one of them are still active, spewing gases and discharging a toxic slurry into sewers and waterways. City staff say we shouldn’t be worried, even while reserve funds to maintain the sites have been emptied in Rob Ford’s budget juggling. Truth is, our track record isn’t very good when it comes to putting these oozing mounds to bed."

Source: Now Toronto, 03/18/2011
April 11, 2011 to April 14, 2011

BioCycle Global 2011

This four-day global event will bring together facility managers, developers, public officials, investors, regulators, researchers, industry executives, equipment providers, haulers, advocates and other professionals from around the world dedicated to a common goal of successful and sustainable organic resource management.

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"GOP Wants EPA to Keep Sitting On Its Ash"

After a December 2008 spill of toxic coal ash at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston plant, EPA vowed to bring the ubiquitous waste under regulation. First, industry got to the Obama White House to sandbag the effort. Now, GOP lawmakers heavily funded by electric utilities have slipped a rider into the House stopgap spending bill to quash EPA's effort to protect the public altogether.

Source: Mother Jones, 02/24/2011

Can Environment Sustain Quest for Valuable "Rare Earth" Materials?

A US Geological Survey report offers a perspective on the global situation and an assessment of known US deposits. There may be about 13 million metric tons available in 14 states — with the sites generally posing the usual environmental challenges associated with mining and refining.

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