Meet The Californians In The First Class Of The American Climate Corps

"At the start of summer, the White House swore in more than 9,000 members of the inaugural class of the American Climate Corps. The corps members are now serving across the country stifling wildfires, helping farms adapt to climate change, installing solar panels, conserving the country’s wildlands and, of course, helping climate organizations create some “hip” Instagram content."

Source: LA Times, 07/16/2024

"The Problematic Chemicals Fueling America’s EV Revolution"

"The same companies that spewed “forever chemicals” linked with cancer and other diseases in neighborhoods around the world are now key players in the development of EV batteries—sometimes with hefty taxpayer support. Often those companies keep their chemical formulas and emissions from the public ... ."

Source: Mother Jones, 07/16/2024

Quinault Nation Has Tried To Escape The Rising Pacific. Time Is Running Out

"Standing water lies beneath the home Sonny Curley shares with his parents and three children on the Quinault reservation a few steps from the Pacific Ocean in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The back deck is rotting, and black mold speckles the walls inside, leaving the 46-year-old fisherman feeling drained if he spends too much time in the house."

Source: AP, 07/16/2024

"West Virginia School Will Remain Open For Now Amid Toxic Groundwater Fears"

"A small West Virginia school will remain open for now after a court temporarily blocked an effort to relocate classes due to the town’s contaminated groundwater being added to a national cleanup priority list."

Source: AP, 07/16/2024

Federal Oil and Gas Leases in Question as Lawmakers Eye Collusion Allegations

"A dozen Democratic lawmakers on the House Natural Resources Committee want to know if shale drillers could see their oil and gas leases and operations on federal lands suspended amid allegations that the companies may have colluded to drive oil prices up."

Source: DeSmog, 07/16/2024

US, Canada Agree On Modernizing 60-Year-Old Pact On Columbia River

"The United States and Canada have reached an agreement in principle on modernizing a 60-year-old pact on Columbia River flood control and power generation, and work on draft amendments will begin in the coming weeks, they said on Thursday."

Source: Reuters, 07/16/2024


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